About us


gaining your belief. Always.

Our neighborhood is based on trust. You put your trust in us to deliver information that people can rely on to make wise decisions, whether you’re a consumer or a business owner. We invest a lot of effort to uphold that confidence and make That’s Info truly beneficial for everyone.


Reputation is important

Businesses develop their reputations in the community and on That’s Info by providing excellent products, services, and customer experiences. That’s Info makes a lot of effort to highlight content that depicts genuine experiences so that users are motivated to share them.


Genuineness and dependability

Businesses are not allowed to request client reviews on That’s Info, and individuals are only allowed to post about their own personal experiences. We also have an automated recommendation system that seeks out and suggests the most trustworthy stuff.


combating false information

Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information and dishonest behaviour online. To safeguard our company and customer communities and stop the spread of false information on Yelp, we have teams and rules in place. Find out more about content control and consumer alerts.